Drake Relays

2016 Relays

I served as the radio producer for the 2016 Drake Relays, the largest student run broadcast in the country.  My position was in charge of producing the  audio coverage of the Relays on Drakes’ radio station – 94.1 The Dog.  This allowed the Des Moines community to get free coverage of the Relays.  I also live tweeted race results and pictures from the field during our broadcast to 94.1 The Dog’s twitter account.

There was a big emphasis on promotion for the 2016 Drake Relays broadcast.  I wrote and voiced an advertisement for our broadcast that aired on Des Moines’s ESPN radio station (KRNT).  I also designed stickers and created two snap chat filters to bring awareness to the student production and our organization,  the Drake Broadcasting System.

In addition to the radio broadcast, I helped our board of producers plan logistics for the broadcast and assisted with the production of two 30-minute pre-shows.  We also oversaw six production teams who created pre-recorded content for the broadcast.  I was in charge of converting and editing the packages for radio broadcast.

The Drake Relays broadcasted live for nearly 10 hours of content and included interviews with athletes on the field, play by play on races by six different sports commentators, and pre-produced packages.  Each broadcast also began with two half-hour pre-shows.


2014 & 2015 Relays

My freshmen year of the Drake Relays, I served as a sports commentator for the relays and provided play by play and color commentary on the races and field events.

During my sophomore year at Drake, I was unable to be participate in the Drake Relays because I was studying abroad in St. Petersburg Russia.