2016 Iowa Caucuses

Because Iowa is first in the nation to vote on party nominations in the presidential election, the major news networks all turn their focus to Drake University and Des Moines.  I had the privilege of being nominated by my professors and selected by several national networks including CNN, ABC News, and the Fusion Network to help with their 2016 Caucus coverage.

For Fusion, I helped with camera blocking on the days leading up to the Black & Brown Forum at Drake University.  I was also in charge of helping collect information for Secret Service clearance.  On the day of the forum, I was the production assistant for the broadcasting truck.  I got to shadow the producers and technicians.

I assisted with CNN’s Democratic Town Hall at Drake University.  I helped with the camera blocking for the onstage audience and served as Hillary Clinton’s stand in.  I even had the honor of getting interviewed by Chris Cuomo during the dress rehearsal.  That night I assisted with check-in to make sure guests were assigned to the right sections.  During that time I had a brief run in with Anderson Cooper as he was on his way for the Town Hall pre-show.

On caucus night I helped with ABC’s caucus coverage.  I was a runner in Capital Square in downtown Des Moines and the live broadcast of World News Tonight. Being on set allowed me to meet anchor David Muir and get local food for the whole crew.